Saturday, October 28, 2006

Melbourne City Council's Travel register

Missing data and inconsistencies in the information provided raising concerns to the accuracy of Council's financial accounts

The Lord Mayor and Councillors
Auditors and members of the Council Audit Commitee
City of Melbourne

Dear Councillors and Auditors

In reviewing the recently published Travel Register we have identified a number of inconsistencies that raise ongoing questions pertaining to the quality of data and the accuracy of the report. (See below)

In comparing the information contained in the recent publication dated October 27, 2006 with data from the previously published register (July 2006) we have identified the following:

1. Data that was previously recorded but is missing from the current report
2. Data that is included in the current report but was excluded from the previous report
3. Data that has been changed since the previous report publication

The Victorian local Government Act and regulations require the City Council to maintain a register of Councillor and Council Staff Interstate and Overseas Travel.

Previously the Council register was maintained in the form of a physical book and as such any modifications or deletions were readily identified.

I wish to express my ongoing concern that the current Council Travel Register is akin to an electronic white board and that information is readily removed, excluded or modified with no apparent means of validation or verification as to the accuracy of the information provided. In the absence of a sequential fixed record id there is limited opportunity to audit the information recorded in the Council's register.

It is the duty of the elected Council to ensure that the administration and the requirements of legislative reporting are in fact true and correct and not misleading

In view of ongoing concern related to the costs associated with the City of Melbourne's Interstate an overseas travel I request that the Council provide further details and explanation as to the identified inconsistencies in the information published.

This raises further concern related to the administration, accuracy and correctness of the Council's financial accounts.

Should you require further information I can be contacted via return email

Yours faithfully

Anthony van der Craats

Data previously reported and pubklished in July 2006 but now excluded from Travel register report published October 27, 2006.
DivisionNameLocationCostDate FromDate To
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONChris AdamsRutherglen$178.0031-May-20061-Jun-2006
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONBob RosenSydney$2,227.906-Apr-20067-Apr-2006
MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS DIVISIONPaul DaviesSydney$419.1113-Dec-200513-Dec-2005
MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS DIVISIONRichard JeziornySydney$419.1113-Dec-200513-Dec-2005
Included in new dataset but not reported in the previous quarter published July 2006
DivisonNameLocationCostDate FromDate To
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONElizabeth BrownBrisbane$1,948.0024-Sep-20053-Oct-2005
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONVicki MainBrisbane$1,298.9727-Sep-20052-Oct-2005
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONColleen LazenbyAdelaide, Alice Springs$1,664.171-Oct-20059-Oct-2005
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONMarianne GlenAdelaide$1,276.315-Mar-200613-Mar-2006
CORPORATE PERFORMANCE DIVISIONCeciliaCanberra$2,735.4820-Feb-200622-Feb-2006
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONMatthew PlumridgeHobart$331.647-Nov-20058-Nov-2005
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONMatthew PlumridgeCanberra$823.0610-Nov-200511-Nov-2005
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONRob AdamsSydney$454.1117-Nov-200517-Nov-2005
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONRob AdamsAdelaide$337.471-Dec-20051-Dec-2005
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONAndrea KleistAdelaide$606.094-Mar-20067-Mar-2006
DESIGN & CULTURE DIVISIONBob RosenSydney$2,227.905-Apr-20069-Apr-2006
MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS DIVISIONKaren GilbertBrisbane$290.5323-Feb-200625-Feb-2006
SUSTAINABILITY & INNOVATION DIVISIONGeoff LawlerCanberra$0.0025-May-200626-May-2006
Data that has changed since the previous report published in July 2006
DivisionNameLocationPrevious Reported CostDate FromDate ToNewCost
COUNCILBrian ShanahanSydney$1,504.647-Jun-20069-Jun-2006$1,504.61
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONDale StewartTasmania$1,135.799-Oct-200513-Oct-2005$1,551.24
ASSETS AND SERVICES DIVISIONColleen LazenbyAdelaide$510.0023-May-200624-May-2006$507.84
FINANCE DIVISIONSusan KempsonGold Coast$1,680.981-Nov-20056-Nov-2005$1,545.49

Update Sunday 29, 2006

From: Ng Catherine
Sent: Sunday, 29 October 2006 11:34 AM
To: Pitchford DavidSubject:

FW: Melbourne City Council's Travel register

Missing data and inconsistencies in the information provided raising concerns to the accuracy of Council's financial accounts

Hi David

Could you please prepare a briefing note for the Council on your investigation on this matter and addressing the issues raised in this email.


Best regards

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