Thursday, October 26, 2006

John So for Melbourne

Will So spring into Spring Street

John So on a high from being nominated as World Mayor for a day has been approached to see if he would run for the State seat of Melbourne.

Judging by his standing and expressions of approval John So could be a real threat to Bronwyn Pike and the Labor Party if John decided to nominate for the seat. An ex-resident of East Melbourne, John So has often toyed with the idea of running for State Parliament or even the Senate.

Whilst there is concern that if John was to run for the State Parliament pressure would be on for him to resign as Lord Mayor, although there is no legal basis that would require him give up the gold chain, limousine and town Hall office. Is is possible to hold down two jobs.

If John So was to resign the City of Melbourne would face the costs of a new election for Lord Mayor. A by-election for Johns seat in the limo would cost the City of Melbourne up to one million dollars. That's a lot to pay for one mans vanity. Hopefully the State Government will amend the legislation and provide for an alternative means of filling casual vacancies if and when they occur.

Game on..

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