Friday, October 27, 2006

Jetset private local travel

Cost of local travel ($140/week car allowance) makes Cr Jetter the highest spending Councillor in our Car free City

While we eagerly await the publication of the City Council's travel expenses. The Melbourne Weekly reports on Cr Carl Jetter and his top of the list local travel expenses. Cr Jetter we understand is overseas visiting China. It turns out he has an outsourced business association in China which raises the question how many of his council funded overseas trips to China are private as opposed to being Council related?

The weekly reports that Cr Jetter has been charging the City of Melbourne $140.00 per week travel expenses to drive into the city from his home in Ashburton. Cr Jetter's expenses are twice that of any other Councillor. (Excluding John So and Garry Singer who have use of a Council funded and supplied limousine, the costs of which are not included in the Councillor expense statements). Cr Carl Jetter was elected as a member of John So's China/Australian friendship association team. Our City Councillors have travelled to China more then any other country.

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