Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dare to unite

Kensington's campaign to reunite with Melbourne an issue in the November State election

Whilst Melbourne's Mascot Lord Mayor, John So, seeks to silence debate Kensington Residents, who claim 90% support for a review of the Melbourne City Council boundaries, continue the debate by placing the issue of city boundaries on the agenda for the November State Election.

John So's policy of avoidance and denial is not supported at home. If the ALP loose the seat of Melbourne John So can share some of the blame.

John So might be seen as the World's pin-up Lord Mayor but a leader he is not.

John lacks vision and ability to provide good governance or plan for Melbourne's future. He is Melbourne's most expensive Lord Mayor. Spending ratepayers money without any care or fiscal responsibility. John So and his self-indulgent band of City Councillors are Australia's most travelled and expensive council in history.

And guess what? Residents and traders are not happy, and it is not just Kensington. Carlton is also wanting a review of boundaries and if you ask Prahran and South Yarra they would prefer to leave Stonington and be united under a Greater Melbourne City Council. Somehow I do think they will support John's do nothing approach even if he is Melbourne's World's best mascot.

game on.

--- Copy of Kensignton's recent newsletter in the lead-up to next months State Election. Maybe John should rethink about nominating for State Parliament ---

On Wednesday 15 November we will hold a public meeting for all Kensington residents and traders. (7:00 to 9:30 pm, Holy Rosary School Hall)

All candidates for our local electorate of Melbourne will be invited.

We will ask candidates to respond to this question:

"What you will do for Kensington, if elected"

The Hon. Bronwyn Pike (Labor) is our current member. We expect Richard di Natale (Greens) to be a prominent challenger. We will have the complete list of candidates when nominations close in a few days time.

Candidates will be asked to address the number 1 issue:

* Kensington boundaries - What do they say about reuniting Kensington? (90% of residents want Kensington to be reunited under the City of Melbourne.)

We'll also ask them to address these issues:

* Health - What do they say about our community health centre buildings? (They are crumbling.)

* Traffic - What do they say about trucks in Macaulay Road? (There used to be a 24hr ban.)

* Public transport - What do they say about train services at South Kensington railway station? (Too few trains stop there.)

Then you will be able to ask questions.

If you want to make a difference regarding these issues, here are opportunities:

1. Come to the meeting! Please pencil in this date and start inviting your friends and neighbours.
2. If not currently a member, please join the Kensington Association now; if you are not up-to-date, please send your membership fees now.

Annual membership fees are $15 (family or couple, working), $10 (single, working) and $5
(single, not working). Please send cheques payable to "Kensington Association", PO Box 1208, Kensington 3031, to hand deliver cash or cheque please email me for details. You can also make a deposit by the internet: Internet: BSB 803-223, account 900084, to "Kensington Association".
3. Please volunteer for our letterboxing team. We will letterbox the whole of Kensington and need about 10 more people on the team. You commit to do a maximum of 2 hours.

Best regards,

Tony Dare
Membership Secretary and Treasurer
Kensington Association

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