Thursday, October 19, 2006

Auditable accounts - The Campaign for accountability continues

Correspondence sent to the City Council's Finance and Governance committee

The Lord Mayor and Councillors
City of Melbourne

Dear Councillors
In perpetration for the next update of Councillor's Travel Expenses due out next week.
I have noticed that the administration has altered information and also deleted some records from the previously published Travel register data.
Clearly there is a demonstratable need for the provision of record id's to be included in the register
Given the City Council's record of corruption and the fact that the Travel Register in its current form is not a fixed register but an "electronic whiteboard" it is rather easy for the administration to alter and remove records at will making it difficult for any effective audit of the published data.
I can only re-iterate my previous recommendations (Click here to view report) As the City Council has failed to properly consider these recommendations I request that the report below be referred to the Council's Audit Committee for further consideration by the City Council's auditors.
Yours faithfully

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