Sunday, February 05, 2006

Scrap the Limo

Help Melbourne become a "Car Free" city. Campaign to scrap the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor's Limousines

Help support our campaign to

The Lord Mayor and our City Councillors should practice what they preach and set an example.

The Melbourne City Council should scrap the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor's Limousine and any council funded staff remuneration package/car lease agreements along with its "free-inner city Council car-park"

Each Councillor and senior staff member could be offered a free public transport pass and/or use of a Council bicycle.

Herald-Sun Poll (Dec 19):
Should ratepayers have to pay for councillors' cars?
Yes: 32 (4.0%)
No: 768 (96.0%)

Write to the City of Melbourne and express your views.

The Lord Mayor and Councillor's
City of Melbourne
Swanston Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

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