Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gridlocked ideology

Herald Sun Editorial

Gridlocked ideology


MELBOURNE'S road and rail transport remains in chaos while the State Government and the Melbourne City Council bow to pressure from special interest groups.

At the root of the trouble is increasing disapproval of the motor car as a politically incorrect form of locomotion.

The green band offer the following gratuitous advice: catch public transport, ride a bike, or walk to work.

But people are entitled to choose whichever suits them without being heavied by governments – state or municipal.

In pursuit of its agenda the Government has hit long-term inner-city parkers with a tax of about $40 a month on top of the normal fees. This will double to about $80 a month next year.

The latest in the war on motorists is that Melbourne City Council is reportedly urging abandonment of road infrastructure in favour of keeping the city car-free to make way for bicycles and public transport.

But more than 90 per cent of respondents to a Herald Sun Voteline said Melbourne's transport system needs improvement.

While the Government spends a fortune on not very fast trains to the bush, Melbourne's decrepit public transport is not a viable alternative to the car.

This city needs a transport vision based on reality, not on ideology.

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