Wednesday, February 01, 2006

City without cars (except LM000)

Melbourne City Council should lead by example and scrape the LM's Limo and close down its Car Parks

John So, Melbourne's funniest Lord Mayor, today announced a plan to rid Melbourne of cars (TheAge) It may be idealistic but it also far from reality if not deceitful.

We would all like to have a cleaner environment and better public transport but the Lord Mayor and the City Council should practice what it preaches before giving the sermon.

If the Lord Mayor is serious and not just grandstanding and attention seeking as a means of covering up for his for lack of policies and direction for Melbourne, he should consider first getting rid of the Lord Mayor (LM0001) and deputy Lord Mayor's Limousines which according to information obtained under FOI in 2004 was costing City ratepayer well over $180,000.00 per year ($100,000 for the Lord Mayors driver alone).

The City of Melbourne maintains a fleet a few hundred cars and continues to offer staff remuneration benefits packages that include car lease agreements - they should go also.

Seriously what is the City going to do? Close down all the car parks it has so diligently encouraged to be constructed over the last 15 years? Maybe the Council should set an example and close its car-park in Little Collins Street first?

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