Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost in Cuckoo land

Council divorced from reality avoiding accountability - John So time to go

The Editorial in Today's Herald-Sun (Printed in full below) is confirmation that Melbourne Direct Election of Lord Mayor is failing as is the policy of Our City Council and it's future direction. A Council that is lost in Cuckoo land devoid of integrity and responsibility. A Council that avoids accountability and is full of hypocracy. Standby for the John So - Time to Go.

Wiser council now needed


THE Herald Sun today reveals how the Melbourne City Council transport policy is divorced from reality.

Readers' opinions of the city's public transport are that in its present appalling state it is not an acceptable alternative to the motor car.

Yet the latest manifestation of the council's anti-car policy makes it clear that when it come to transport policies, the Town Hall is in cloud cuckoo land.

The MCC's "experts" suggest lowering the speed limit to 40km/h, forcing cars out of dedicated bus lanes and stripping more road space from motorists in favour of pedestrians and cyclists.

The council also suggests blocking new long-term parking spaces and offering residents discounted public transport fares if they give up parking permits.

Long-term parkers are already hit by the State Government's unfair parking impost.

But as we report today, the public is angry over the alternative – the city's expensive, unpunctual, and filthy public transport.

As we have noted before, the council, in league with the State Government, is embarking on social engineering under pressure from special interest groups.

Instead we need a solution that leaves people with their right to choose whichever form of transport suits them best

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