Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Melbourne's Bicycle Strategy: Questions left unanswered.

Following on from the City of Melbourne attempt to gag public debate and its refusal to hold an open public review of it’s Bicycle Strategy Plan:

Albert St, Swanston St (North) are not working. Latrobe Street, costing 2.6 Million Dollars, is a disaster zone. 

 Why won’t the City of Melbourne hold a review of its Bike Path design, construction and implementation?  What has it got to hide?

Princes Bridge Bike Lane Trial.

Will the City of Melbourne be holding an open public review at the end of the Princes Bridge Bike Lane trial or will the decision, yet again, be made behind closed doors under delegation and the public denied input?

St Kilda Road Bike Lane

Why was the alternative open “Chevron” line delineation bike path design, similar to that installed in Claredon Street East Melbourne, not considered or rejected by the City of Melbourne for the proposed 350m St Kida Road Bike lane?

Consultation process 

Will  the City of Melbourne publish in full all submissions and correspondence in relation to the City of Melbourne’s Bike strategy plan in particular correspondence from VicRoads, the RACV, Ambulance Victoria, Melbourne Metropolitan Fire brigade, The Victorian State Government Disability Advocate and the Bus Proprietors’ Association,  all of whom the City of Melbourne claim were consulted in the development of its Bicycle Strategy Plan, as is normally the case in State Parliament/Government reviews/Submissions?

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Anonymous said...

The merging into one lane for cars is a joke. From from taking a minimal time, it has added 50% to my travelling time. And most of the time there are a mere handful of bike riders - sometimes none.
Is it so difficult to put a bike lane on the footpath with a barrier so bike riders can't run into pedestrians? Or is an intelligent solution when obviously intelligence is in short supply.

As a motorist, I pay a hefty registration fee but bike riders pay NOTHING.

Bring back the second mortoing lane and stop giving bike riders so much power. They already cause havoc in my car park by their arrogance in totally ignoring signs to walk their bikes down the ramp.

Disgruntled Driver

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