Monday, January 07, 2013

Traffic Ciaos: Engineering Services under review

Melbourne City's Traffic is in ciaos,   Congestion is worst not better and it has nothing to do with increase in taffic movements. The main cause of traffic congestion in the City is caused by Bike lanes. Lanes that have been poorly designed.

Where there was once two lanes for traffic movement there is now only one lane with a white line and green pavement taking over limited road space.  Many of these bike lanes are under utilized and have diminished pedestrian and traffic safety. Pedestrians walk into the bike lanes thinking they are in a safe zone or parked cars take less care when opening doors.

Many of the bike lanes have been placed in streets that should not be used as a bike route.

Motyorcycle/scooter riders are worst off.  The City of Melbourne have failed to consult with Mototr Cycle riders and their needs are not considered. Many bike lanes around the city could be readily shared by Scooters and Bikes alike.

Traffic congestion is not the only problem facing City Engineering Services - A department that is poorly managed.  Many problems associated with Engineering Services remain unaddressed, month and years pass  and the Council does nothing.

To help address these issues we intend to run a serious of exposes on the City of Melbourne Engineering Service Department. Tag: Engineering services.  Readers are encouraged to submit examples of Engineering Services stuff ups and bad designs

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