Monday, January 07, 2013

Horsing Around: Lies and deceit behind Council's War on Horse and Carriages

More than a month has passed since the Melbourne City Council considered in secret a report on the Horse and Carriage Street Trading at its November 27 Council Forum - A meeting without reports or written minutes.

Two week later the Council in the middle of the night changed the signs that previously allowed the Horse a Carriages to park in Swanston Street opposite the Town Hall between 7Pm to 11PM.

The Council, having failed to consult with the Street Traders, this week sent letters to permit holders informing them that parking opposite town Hall was no longer available.

The Council has claimed that the space, which is now only available to "authorized vehicles only" was needed for a loading zone.  This in spite of the fact that the Street is empty at that time with the exception of a Pancake kiosk that trades until 9PM (and offers Council Staff discounts during the day) and the Escort Agency located in Swanston Street opposite Town Hall that operates though-out the night. (Not sure if any discounts are on offer)

Robert Doyle before Christmas went on air and claimed that the Council's War on Horses issue was settled. - far from it.

The City of Melbourne is facing an Equal Opportunity discrimination complaint in VCAT having refused to grant a permit to one Horse and Carriage operator who can not read or write. The Council refused him a permit because his application was not complete.

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