Friday, December 07, 2012

Payback: Council Credit on the line

Whilst embattled MP Craig Thomson faces allegations and charges for alleged misuse of Union funds arising from the Fair work Australia, Melbourne's Lord Mayor and Senior Staff continue to ring up charges on their Council supplied Corporate Credit Card.  Members of the Council's Governance team are constantly having to chase up on the Lord Mayor and staff to pay back money that has been accredited to the Council's account. 

In Linda Weathersons  account these expenses do not show up on the Council expense statements as they have not been acquitted. 

Dodgy accounting aside, the fact is the use of the corporate card for personal expenses should not be allowed,  even just a short term personal loan or a question of convenience. 

Hopefully the media will FOI the Council for the copy of all staff's credit card statements

The Council's published expense statements  no longer show expenses related to overseas and interstate communication or travel. They're instead hidden away in the consolidated Travel register.

Does that mean the Council is not reimbursing out of pocket expenses occurred whilst on junkets overseas and instead they are being paid an illegal  additional allowance, above and beyond the allowances set out under the Local Government Act?

The findings of the Thomson case  will have a far reaching effect well and beyond the confines of Federal Politics.

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