Thursday, December 06, 2012

Form before Function: Melboure City Council's failed design

The City of Melbourne Award Winning $25 Million Dollar revamp of Swanston Street continues to come under fire by traders, pedestrians and the like.  Not only are the Tram Super Stops unsafe an accident waiting to happen, the outdoor café shelters are virtually useless when it comes to providing shelter.

The "V" profile lets the rain in and there is hardly a dry spot left available for dinners.  The design just does not function.

Rob Adam's "Designer City" department spent a pretty penny designing and having constructed the latest stainless steal street furniture and add-ons.  It seams not one feature of the Street make over has been successful  at anything other then emptying the Council's bank balance. 

The Street lighting is hidden way in the Trees. The stainless steal seats provide little comfort and the Street café shelters let in the rain.

Whilst the elected Council is quick to try and claim success in the Million dollar makeover the Street is not looking or functioning any better,  the Super stops have added to traffic congestion preventing emergency vehicle access.  Service vehicles have difficult in making deliveries and the road surface is in need a replacement.

Although everyone else has difficulty with the Street, the Lord Mayor continues to travel down Swanston Street in his limo unabated.  Taxi's and the Police are allowed to park in the street willy nilly, even where there is no designated parking spots, the tram "Super" stops are a major safety hazard and the Street furniture and lighting does not function.

The only vitality left in the Street is provided by the Horse and Carriages and Melbourne's Street Traders.  Without them it would be just a very expensive and extravagant private car park/bicycle path. Designer City Out of Control

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