Saturday, July 21, 2012

Melbvotes: Stephen Mayne falls short of his expectations

Stephen Mayne has had a lower than expected support.  Unable to to man the polls fully, Mayne's campaign has failed to bite.  Mayne is seen overall as a spoiler anti-labor trouble maker candidate, whose sole aim is to feed preferences to the Greens in exchange for Green preferences in support of his opportunistic bid for the City of Melbourne Council election in October.  In spite Mayne's feeble and misleading attempt to portray himself as a Liberal Candidate by wearing a t-shirt in Liberal colors, Stephen Mayne has been challenged by Family First, the DLP and Independent Liberal candidate David Nolte.  Mayne is expected to poll below 10% and possible as low as 6%.

Poll workers are reporting a lower then expected turnout which may favour the Greens. There is a lot of resentment towards the Green's open door policy for people smugglers which has highlighted their inability to play a constructive roll in government. Even Cathy Oake was trying to play down this issue during the Friday media door stop. Overall poll workers are saying there is a better mood at the booths then in 2010.

The Socialist party and other minor feeder groups including the now defunct and unregistered "Australian Democrats" are actively trying to direct preferences to the Greens but they are being eclipsed by the more conservative Christian groups (DLP, Family First and Australian Christians - The Holly Trinity) are silently and effectively campaigning  away.  All three have successfully maned each polling place.

The Australian Sex party has also manned each booth but they are not as active in their campaign.  The Sex Party which trades mainly on its name, unlike the  Conservative Christian groups, will not be able to direct preferences.  The Holly Trinty are expected now to out poll trouble serial candidate Stephen Mayne.

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