Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Council Domain: Non-existent planning leaves South Yarra high and dry

the City of Mlebourhe has still failed to address residents South of the Yarra concerns over planning.

Changes to Melbourne's Planning Scheme was sidelined by Coucnil Staff who were caught out sleeping on the job.  

Previously licenced premises such as a tavern along Domain Road required a planning permit now they are an as of right use.

Domain Road should not be in a C1Z (Commerial 1 Planning Zone)

State member Clem Newton-Brown is yet to address this issue. 

When the zoning changes were gazetted late July Domain Road "strip shopping precinct" should have been moved into a Mixed Use zone but regretfully has been "upgraded" to the new Commercial 1 zones

Information  published on the Council's web site states:

About the changes

On 15 July 2013 the Minister for Planning introduced new commercial zones and modified industrial zones into all planning schemes in Victoria.

Replacement of the Business Zones with new Commercial Zones

The five business zones were consolidated into two new commercial zones:
  • the Commercial 1 Zone replaced the Business 1, Business 2 and Business 5 Zones
  • the Commercial 2 Zone replaced the Business 3 and Business 4 Zones.
Generally the new commercial zones broaden the range of activities that are allowed, without the need for a planning permit and remove existing floor area restrictions.
The Commercial 1 Zone (PDF, 135kb)
  • Allows tavern, hotel, and gaming premises without a planning permit, unless in a strip shopping centre where gaming premises are prohibited (a permit for a liquor license will however still be required).
  • Removes permit requirements for all retail uses (except for adult bookshop)
  • Removes permit requirements for all accommodation uses (other than a corrective institution, which is prohibited) subject to satisfying a 2 metre frontage condition
  • Exempts buildings and works from notice and appeal rights, unless the land is within 30 metres of a residential zone, a hospital or an education centre.

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