Friday, July 13, 2007

Jettsetter Councillors get bitchy with fly-buy rewards

Melbourne City Councillor Carl Jetter, a loyal member of John So's team, got a little bitchy at last weeks Council meeting.

Carl Jetter (alisa's Carl the Jetsetter), recently returned Melbourne after jetsetting off on another visit to China to promote the good work of Melbourne City Council. Carl decided that other councillors should not be allowed to travel when he questioned and refused an application by Melbourne City Liberal Councillor Fiona Sneden.

Councillor Snedden had made an application to visit St. Petersburg, Melbourne City Council's forgotten Sister City. Melbourne has not paid a visit to St Petersburg for over five years.

It is well known that the City Council uses overseas travel as a way of rewarding Councillors for good behaviour. It may be cynical but could Councillor Jeter's change of policy have something to do with the fact that Councillor Snedden voted in support of a no-confidence motion against Melbourne's Lord Mayor John So last month?

Looks like the Russian member of the family misses out to China again whilst Melbourne considers adopting a new Indian Sister into the family.

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Unknown said...

Carl Jetter is a true Melbournian. The economic benefit of visiting China far outweighs that of visiting St. Petersburg. Even a fool like Fiona Sneden should realise that.

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