Thursday, June 28, 2007

Green Beware

Family First now an Alliance with the Liberals

Just what are the Greens up to in the State Parliament?

Have the Greens been hijacked by a extreme elements of the left? There has been a power shift in the greens and a lot of question need to be asked about who is exactly running the show.

The first sign of a take-over was when the Greens dumped David Risstrom., former Melbourne City Councillor and first Green to hold public office from the number one Senate spot. The Greens gave the no 1 spot to a "family first" member ... Brother in law ...

Now there is growing concern that the Greens are in bed with the liberal party and have formed an unhealthy alliance. If its Green beware ... there is much more to the Greens then the marketing label.. check out this site