Wednesday, March 14, 2007

City retail in decline

Myers scales down Lonsdale Street retail outlet

Myers Melbourne to scale down City outlet amidst concern that City retail is in serious decline.

News realised today indicates that Myers, Melbourne's iconic retail outlet has decided to close down its Lonsdale Street outlet with hundreds of jobs set to vacate the city center. Myers decision comes as no surprised as suburb outlets and problems associated with traffic access and parking in the city centre undermining the viability of Myers premier store.

Questions are being asked as to what action plan the City Council has to fill the void that will be left standing as yet another major city site faces the prospect of remianing vacant.

teh scaling down of Myers will also have a flow on effect to other city business who rely on passing trade and custom from Myers workers.

We can soon expect more announcements of City retail outlets calling it a day and vacating the City Center.

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