Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thornley expected to win Southern Metro

Latest data from the VEC limited reporting indicates The ALP will secure the fifth spot

Latest counting reported by the VEC has placed the ALP Evan Thornley in a winning position with a lead of over 1,000 votes. Whilst the VEC continues its appalling lack of transparency in reporting the progress and results of the election count.

Analysis details can be found here

For reasons not fully explained David Southwick, based on results published Monday December 11, showed, went backwards in the actual count and the ALP and Greens moved forward over the weekend.

Counting in Western Victoria has the ALP below the Greens and the DLP who picked up minor party preferences above the National Party. As a result the fifth position in Western Victoria will go to the DLP with ALP Elaine Carbine missing out in being elected to the Victorian parliament.

Labor will hold 20 seats, the Liberal Party 15, NP 2, Greens 2 and DLP 1.

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