Saturday, December 02, 2006

Community Notice

Any complaints or issues related to the VEC's conduct of the election

Victorian State Election
Saturday November 25, 2006

Victoria's Southern Metropolitan upper-house region is a very close race with a likely possibility of the election results being challenged in the courts. anyone with any information or complaints about the election process are encouraged to document their concerns and where possible verify the facts. Information can be posted here on this blog for all to see or sent confidentially.

Note: Any comments marked confidential in the first line will not be published but will be looked into and investiged and refered to relevant people if need be.(If you can please include an email contact address in your login but please do not include email addresses in the comments section itsef.

Any issues related to the conduct of the election in general and Southern Metropolitan Region in particular.

Issues such as a person being denied a vote, their name taken
off the electoral role for no apparent reason, the refusal of the VEC to provide information relevant to the conduct of the election. Letters received in the mail from minor candidates and any events on election day itself.

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