Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Unbelievable: Melbourne City Council wants a 150k focus group to allow more time for junkets

The City of Melbourne is proposing to establish a Focus group to do what they themselves should be doing.

Our Melbourne City Councillors are looking to appoint a select sub council of 43 people to advice it where the city should be heading.  Is this not what our staff are meant to do?  

Instead of spending time and money on Overseas Junkets, free booze and Mayoral Limousines (One for the Lord Mayor and one for the deputy Lord Mayor) the Council should listen to ratepayers and do their job which is to oversee the administration and develop policy.

The councillors make decisions based on the knowledge of their local communities. It’s a part of a councillor’s job to stay abreast of their constituents’ views. And, yes, that involves work. - Herald Sun Editorial

The City Council has become a joke. It should abandon its all in "Talent quest" side show "Future Melbourne Committee" structure and revert back to having expert committees and appoint professionals to participate in the committees and put an end to the talent quest side show that currently exists

The City Council is referred to as "Design a job city" and "Clown Hall" already spends 10's of millions of dollars in staffing and still they can not manage Melbourne

Traffic engineering has lost all sense of reality and are embarking on an expensive exercise of engineering congestion as opposed to managing City Traffic.  Spending 10 times the costs in creating "Copenhagen bicycle lanes that do not improve pubic safety,

The State Government should dismiss the Council and restructure it with the view of establishing a Greater Melbourne City Council, One  that incorporates the City of Port Philip, Stonnington, Yarra and Melbourne that is represented by 21 Councillors in a 3 x 7 ward system.

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