Friday, March 22, 2013

A Crean restart and end to devisive leadership speculation

There are conspiracy theorists out there that claim Simon Crean sacrificed himself to put and end to Kevin Rudd's challenge rumors.

Kevin Rudd has been constantly undermining and  destabilising the Labor Government ever since he lost the leadership.

The white-noise and background static was drowning out what is an impressive message and record of good governance. The economy is growing, we have relatively low unemployment and the government has embarked in a impressive and progressive agenda of social reform.

Clearly Kevin Rudd has not acted honourably.

Rudd should have taken in the lead from Ted Baillieu who, having lost the support of his caucus.  resigned and moved silently to the back bench.

Rudd was extended an olive branch and allowed to retain the portfolio of Foreign Affairs. Something that was generous to say the least.

Kevin Rudd and his ego was his own undoing. He placed his personal interests above the interests of the Party and that of the country.

Much of the white noise came from a lazy media that could not take the time to report on policies and issues of substance.  Instead they became embroil in the media frenzy feeding of false leadership challenges. Even when there was a snow flakes chance in hell of Gillard being ousted.

Julia Gillard, in my view, has been an outstanding leader. She has pursued an ambitious and progressive policy agenda and held toghther a parliament that predicted to faulter.  Her successes are our successes. She deserves our support and thanks and gratitude

Hopefully we have seen the end of Kevin Rudd's campaign of destabilisation and the media will reject any temptation of rumour mongering and adding fuel to the disgruntled and spiteful members of the ALP caucus and the opposition to undermine her success

If any journalist again reports or speaks of a leadership challenge without naming names you can bet for sure that this another example of unprofessional and untrustworthy reporting.

Simon Crean in calling on the challenge said he did so to provide a circuit breaker. It might not be the circuit breaker he had first sought but hopefully it has and will provide the necessary break and clean air that is essential if Australia is to duly assess the choices we will have to make in September.

The choice is clear Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard.

Gillard in my view has, by far, more integrity then Abbott.

I have known Gillard for near on 30 years, she was my branch president and I served on the Carlton Branch executive with her for six years. I knew her when she was John Brumby's Chief of staff. She is more than capable of leading the ALP and is the best choice. I have no doubt that she can win the next Federal Election

She has and continues to maintain my full support


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