Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bushfire victims subject to $69 to $416 fine for loss of passport

Australians who have lost their passports in the Victorian bushfires, in a policy introduced by Alexander Downer in 2005, will be subject to a fine of $69 to $416 plus the cost of replacement for the loss of their passport.

The Australian Government applies a fine if you lose your passport, it is stolen or destroyed. First offence attracts a $69 fine subsequent additional loss $208 to $416

The cost of a new Passport is $208 for Adults and $104 for Children

They will be required to produce a copy of proof of citizenship and identity including a copy of their birth certificate


Anonymous said...

Given that a passport holder already has provided a proof of entitlement when they were first issued a passport why do they need to refurnish a copy of a birth certificate a second time? A birth certificate does not establish proof of identity only entitlement. Surely this information is already on record in the passports office and all that an applicant needs to do is prove that they are the holder of the original passport.

Anonymous said...

If your passport is stolen whilst overseas try and get hold of a copy of your birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

When is a fine not a fine, When it is declared a fee payable for a loss of a passport. They do the crime and you pay the fine.

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