Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CROOKS: The Melbourne Criminal Council

The Other cheeks turns up the heat

From the web pages of the "Other Cheeks" Andrew Landeryou posts

CROOKS: The Melbourne Criminal Council

The Melbourne City Council has been caught out using criminal tactics including evidence tampering to cover up rorted parking fine collection.

Melbourne's leading newspaper the Herald Sun reported today that the Council had secret quotas in place to achieve revenue from parking fines regardless of the extent of illegal parking.

The City of Melbourne alone collects the best part of $30 million a year from parking fines and has grown dependent on it to feed its vast bureaucracy.

The Herald Sun reported a council source saying that the Council engaged in fraudulent activity including:

issuing fake fines on non-existent cars, working late to blitz sporting and entertainment venues and restaurant and nightclub strips, and not reporting unclear and confusing parking signs so they could book those who thought they were legally parked.

The Council CEO David Pitchford admitted that some Council staff had deliberately falsified records that the State Ombudsman had sought when he raided the Council's offices over the scam.

Game on.

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Anonymous said...

This was published in 2006, its 2013 and this si still happening.
The state gov protects this fraud and corruption, knowingly and this fraud results in our court system upholding fraudulent 'fines', effectively rendering the justice system invalid, as there is no telling what court records are real and what are false.
This is the same trick the state governemnt uses with speed and red light cameras. Effectively rendering police and court records as false and invalid.
This flows onto things like insurance premiums and the like.
It is impossible to clean up this mess to to the extent of damages caused, aside from scrapping all fines related to parking and traffic on the grounds of corruption, which will never happen.

This city is broken with no way of fixing it

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